The historic multi-tenant building was in need of a next generation access control system.

Situated along the canal and in the immediate vicinity of the historic center of Brussels, the Tour & Taxis site has enormous potential and is currently undergoing a real revival. it’s the estate consists of 3 buildings: The Royal Warehouse, the Shops and the Maritime Station.

“Tour and Taxis” is a large is multi-tenant building owned by NEXTENSA that hosts over 1500 employees, spread across 40 tenant facilities. Tenants that collectively attract up to 400 visitors a day. A great challenge to make the visitor access process more fluid!

Before, all visitors had to report to the main reception on the ground floor. They received a badge that would allow them to access the tenants that they wanted to visit.

    • Main objectives of this project :
      • Reuse existing cabling.
      • Establish a standardised and futureproof physical access control system.
      • Transfer registration responsibilities to tenants.


A successful high security project

The project was planned and executed by 3 partners: NEDAP, with its AEOS physical access control system; Alvem, one of NEDAP’s approved channel partners to install AEOS and STid, with its Architect® RFID readers, equipped with a QR Code reader to enable the identification of visitors and the STid Mobile ID solution. The collaboration between STid and NEDAP has resulted in the ability to create STid Mobile ID virtual cards easily from the AEOS access control user interface. Create and issue virtual cards with just one mouse-click.

The implemented solution allows visitors to pre-register and go straight to the tenant of choice, rather than waiting to be registered at the central reception. The solution now also enables tenants to easily gain access to their office and the communal areas using only one badge.


    • Key benefits:
      • A standardised, futureproof system with lots of opportunities for further integration with other systems.
      • Save time for receptionists and visitors:
        _ • Tenants ask visitors to pre-register to avoid queuing at the building’s reception,
        _ • Central receptionists are free to focus on other tasks.
      • Simplified visitor access management.
      • Improved hygiene: people aren’t handling physical visitor access cards.


«Visitors often forgot to return their badges. But with QR codes that is no longer a problem. Another big advantage, also related to GDPR, is that there is no further need to store and process visitor data. This saves a lot of time for our central receptionists and also for our visitors. On a busy day, we would sometimes have 30 people queuing at the reception, just to register.»

Olivier KEMPEN, Hospitality Manager at the Tour & Taxis.


To conclude, NEDAP and STid have secured the Tour and Taxis building with a high security solution that offers a seamless user experience to employees and visitors, without suffering from the traditional identification technology constraints related to physical access cards.


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