Our clients are at the heart of our business

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Customer satisfaction

Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction for the quality of our products and associated services. We consider their problems as our own and work hard to find solutions through one-of-a-kind know-how and our outstanding knowledge of processes.

High-quality products are those that all players across the entire value chain are happy with, including manufacturers, integrators, installers and users.

We therefore make sure that each solution is considered as the best in terms of use, integration, service, security, reliability and upgradeability.

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Continuous improvement

Our teams are committed to listening to our clients and constantly challenging ourselves with the common goal of moving forward and staying ahead of the game. STid’s team has implemented a first-rate management system to ensure continuous improvement of the solutions provided to our customers, our business performance and organizational structures. The trust afforded by all our clients and partners and our ISO 9001 certification reflect our dedication to enhancing and improving our products and services.

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Certified quality

STid is certified ISO 9001: 2015 for its innovation, design, production, marketing and support of contactless identification solutions using RFID, NFC Bluetooth® and Internet Objects Technologies (IoT).

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Certified quality process

In addition to a quality insurance incorporated into every level of the STid, we implemented a industrial engineering process dedicated to overall project management.


Scheme of certified quality process at STid Group

Audit phase

  • Assessment of existing systems and opportunities (RAMS process with functional assessments of risks, reliability, etc.)


Creative phase

  • Recommendation of technologies and technical solutions, with financial (ROI), organizational, human and technical impact assessments (standards, certifications)


Project Management phase (Project owner, Project manager)

  • Specifications drafting, project planning/scheduling, resource management


Design phase

  • Architecture design
  • Electronic, electrical and equipment design
  • Production
  • Firmware development


 Qualification phase

  • Quality control
  • In-house and laboratory testing
  • Onsite testing


Integration phase

  • Implementation of the solution


Support phase

  • Technical and operational training
  • Change management support
  • Follow-up and support