RFID technologies are revolutionizing our world

Although they don’t come without new challenges, they have also created new opportunities.

STid creates value in all your projects by developing solutions tailored to operational requirements.

We therefore seek excellence in everything we do, driving us to innovate and develop smart solutions built on 3 fundamental characteristics:

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Picture of Innovation at STid Group


Innovation in our DNA…

Innovation is a key part of STid’s development strategy. Our consistent R&D efforts are a testament to our desire to achieve customer satisfaction.

With a dozen RFID engineers working in our R&D department and a new division dedicatedly entirely to innovation, STid is a pioneer in France. Every year, many innovative solutions go into production to meet the increasingly specific and demanding requirements of industry players.


Leadership and experience

Our experience as an RFID hardware manufacturer and our close relationship with key players in various industries make STid a key partner for your specific contactless identification projects. STid provides consulting and engineering expertise based on RFID and mobile technologies (NFC & Bluetooth®) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our experienced multidisciplinary R&D team has contributed to our position as a trailblazer in the French RFID industry. It is built around engineering experts specialized in the design and development of RFID products and solutions such as readers, antennas, hard and soft tags, software, etc


A use-based approach

We can find solutions for your contactless identification needs and meet the technological challenges related to the specific environment in which your business operates.

Our solutions are based on uses rather than technologies.


Designing interoperable solutions

Over the years, STid's unique approach has involved openness to all technologies, giving you total freedom in managing and upgrading your projects.

Our industry-specific approach and total technological independence mean that we can offer the best contactless identification solutions to meet your specifications and operate effectively in your identification environment.



R&D in numbers

  • 10,2% of our turnover was invested in R&D in 2016
  • 25% of our staff works in our R&D department
  • 11 patent submissions
  • Experienced engineering department with over 100 years of combined experience

R&D in numbers

R&D in numbers at STid Group