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By offering RFID training relevant for your business, STid helps you enhance your skills, bring your knowledge of various RFID technologies up to date, and stand out by acquiring innovative know-how. STid offers its French and international clients a wide range of training programs. These programs are aimed at providing technical knowledge tailored to their business thanks to our unique expertise in contactless technologies.


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Our training complies with a program validated by certification bodies, and is modular to meet the needs of your sales and technical teams. STid is a registered training body in France, under Activity Number 93 13 13328 13.


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1 Securite RFID

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Introduction to RFID

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2 Securite Mifare


MIFARE Plus® DESFire® EV1 & EV2 - technologies - level 1

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3 Securite Mifare


MIFARE Plus® DESFire® EV1 & EV2 technologies - level 2Download the flyer



Picture representing the automatic vehicle identification    

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UHF - Automatic Vehicle Identification applications & requirements



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UHF - Industrial tracking issues and applications

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picto aeronautique

UHF - Industrial tracking issues and applications in the aeronautical industry

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