Crossing borders with Pierre-Antoine Larrera de Morel - Wrapping up our great Monday lineup, we have another episode of #CrossingBorders. Host, Stephanie Hensler is joined by STid’s VP of Global Sales, Pierre-Antoine LARRERA DE MOREL.

In the context of COVID-19, the way we act and interact with our environment is seeing profound change. Due to the impact of the health emergency, the access control market is reinventing itself to develop new means of identification that are more fluid and ultra-secure. STid Mobile ID®, the mobile access control solution, offers new perspectives.

  The fifth Security and Safety Meetings will be held between September 15 and 17, 2020. STid will take part in the B2B events during the three days of meetings.

  STid is expanding its head office to improve the well-being of its employees. Located in Région Sud (Gréasque - 13), the construction of this new 2,100m² building demonstrates a strong desire to offer its teams a better quality of life at work in an environment-friendly setting (RT2012).