Our business units

Picture representing the security business unit of STid Group

Icon representing STid security Security - People and vehicle identification


Protecting people, goods and data by making identification and access control secure


Picture representing the industry business unit of STid Group

Picto Industrie 71px Industry - Industrial traceability


Securing and facilitating the supervision of industrial flows and processes

What makes us unique


LeaderLeader on the French market and recognized across Europe


RFID pictoOver 20 years experience in contactless identification


picto bleu capital humain competence tchnoExperienced R&D team specialized in RFID


Picto InnovationA division dedicated entirely to innovation


picto bleu thermometreSpecialist in extreme environments (aerospace, energy, rail transport, etc) and sensitive sites (governments, defense, etc)


PartenairesOver 500 global partners


arc icon 55x71pxOver 700 000 RFID readers in service


ID encodage2Over 10 million RFID tags sold

A booming market

Icon representing the performance of STid Group

In a world where risk prevention is a growing concern, businesses and industries are increasingly investing in RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® contactless identification technologies to secure their equipment, people, buildings, assets and industrial processes.

This thriving market is expected to have an average annual growth rate of approximately 14% between 2012- and 2024. Its global value will increase from $6.98 to 30.24 billion over the same period (IDTechEx 2014-2024 study)..

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