Integration of a high-security, intuitive and scalable access solution to ensure a global protection of people, property and data.


Number of aggressions reported in 2017 in France by the ONVS by only 7.71% of hospitals.



Secure access to a public place to protect staff / patients and prevent theft, while preserving the quality of health care.



  • Implementation of a global access control solution
  • Architect® 13.56 MHz scalable readers compatible with the French CPS3 smart cards for health care professionals
  • Synchronization of the access management software with the hospital's human resources tool


Key benefits:

  • High-security levels
  • Real-time, centralized and remote access management
  • Flexibility to adapt access control easily and expand it in the future

ARC CSP 500px  
«To date, we have successfully installed nearly a hundred STid Architect® access control readers for the maternity ward, intensive care, geriatrics, psychiatry and pediatrics. 1,500 users benefit from the solution every day. Although security was not initially part of hospital culture, we have convincingly brought ourselves up to standard! Security must now be a constant concern for all health care professionals», said Sébastien Caminade, Head of Security at Brive University Hospital.