STid joins the ADCET network and integrates the Citizen Multi-Service Application [CMA] standard into its Architect® reader range.   

Created to promote the development of digital uses in local authorities and improve the life of citizens and the management of communities, ADCET participates in the development of the smartcity. Student cards (high schools and colleges, universities, etc.), transportation and ticketing solutions, loyalty cards, etc. are all being deployed in increasingly intelligent cities. For what purpose? "Better city living". STid, leader in the design of contactless identification solutions (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth®, IoT), joins ADCET to participate in the development of new uses combining high security and fluidity.

"We are fully involved in the implementation of French and European standards for the benefit of the citizen's quality of life and a "sustainable" city. We are proud to join ADCET and to support their commitment to the development of new services that will simplify the life of the citizen" explains Vincent Dupart, Managing Director of STid

For Matthieu Theurier, president of ADCET, "the integration of STid, a contactless identification specialist, is proof and opportunity for the deployment of new services around the AMC standard; thus, territories wishing to integrate physical access control into services around the AMC standard have the possibility to do so with a registered and approved supplier! This is an opportunity to remind that only registered providers can offer solutions integrating AMC and that territories can only select registered providers to comply with the regulations and the proper functioning of the AMC standard."