3 questions to Maé Tholoniat, STid Product Marketing Manager

Why is it essential to make parking accesses more fluid?

Maé Tholoniat: Optimizing parking access is part of a global reaction to the smart city and the explosion of urbanization. Wasted fuel, stress, unproductivity, air pollution...motoriests suffer the consequences of traffic worldwide. At the entrance to the parking lot, the scenario is repeated. Parking lot managers will therefore look for solutions that make access more fluid.

But this need for simplicity should not take precedence over safety. Why is this? The parking lot is the first point of entry to a facility. Whether it is underground or above ground, it usually has a direct connection to the building. In addition to unauthorized parking, theft, break-ins, or vehicle damage, the absence of secure access becomes a source of vulnerability to the intrusion of malicious individuals (acts of vandalism, terrorism, etc.). Therefore, securing access to vehicles and even to drivers, while ensuring the management of different profiles (employees, visitors, temporary staff, etc.) becomes critically important!

How do you combine flawless security with fluidity of access?

Maé Tholoniat: Vehicle access must be as intuitive and secure as personal identification. The security offered by UHF technologies goes far beyond simply reading license plates, which only allows a filtering capability and does not guarantee access security, as license plates can be easily copied or usurped.

The driver has a 100% passive UHF tag on his windshield, the Teletag®, which offers unlimited life, constant performance, quick return on investment, and a high security level.

When the driver arrives at the parking entrance, the vehicle is automatically detected without having to stop or lower the window. How does it work? With the SPECTRE long-range UHF reader mounted nearby. Perfectly secure, discreet, and scalable, SPECTRE offers comfortable and reliable long-distance reading. It is market leader today!

Another important point is that parking lot access control may require the management of different sized vehicles and multiple lanes. The parking operator can then opt for a multi-antenna management. 1 to 4 antennas can be connected to SPECTRE. SPECTRE meets all security requirements and configurations – a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles (light, heavy, motorcycles, etc.), separate access control for up to 4 vehicle lanes – for smooth management at optimized costs.

What role will the smartphone play in securing parking access?

Maé Tholoniat: The smartphone has become a "key." It is already used to unlock your vehicle! We anticipated this development by creating the SPECTRE nano! With SPECTRE nano, we are reinforcing the level of security by identifying the vehicle and/or the driver. The identification mode is adapted to the level of security required.

In conjunction with STid Mobile ID®, SPECTRE nano guarantees high security and fluidity of access by reading:

  • Virtual badges for visitor access management
  • Teletag® for vehicle access
  • Both simultaneously to identify the vehicle and its driver

Access rights are thus controlled in real time: the system guarantees that the vehicle can enter the parking lot and that the driver is authorized to enter.

An important point: the same virtual badge can also be used for both parking and building access. A single badge will manage all access! What's more, in addition to managing all access (infrastructures, buildings, parking lots, etc.), the virtual badge will offer a whole hub of services (recharging cafeteria badges, booking meeting rooms, using printers, etc.) for greater flexibility within companies!

The parking lot manager is free to choose the solution that best suits his or her needs: SPECTRE and SPECTRE nano are perfectly suited to the most demanding security policies.