Very dynamic in its market with more than 22 years of experience, STid is specialized in radio frequency "contactless" identification technologies (RFID), a very promising market.

An equipment manufacturer and developer of standard or specific solutions, STid provides solutions to security issues (access control for people and vehicles).

STid offers a comprehensive range of RFID products across all frequencies and for all chip technologies, in compliance with international standards. Our products are at the cutting edge of technology, with a high-end positioning, recognized in the market for their quality and their innovations.

As part of our development and to satisfy our desire to constantly innovate and strengthen our leading position in our various markets, we are bolstering our R&D team.


Position and duties:

You will be assigned to a specific area and will be responsible for prospection across your sector.

You will comply with the company’s sales rules to:

  • Develop the existing client base
  • Create a network of new distributor/integrator clients
  • Boost sales across the client base
  • Carry out market intelligence activities across your sector, monitoring operations, the value chain, opportunities and threats
  • Identify engineering consultancies and other opinion leaders for specific actions

You will report to the Sales Director and periodically report on your activities, ensuring that you regularly update the required databases with the support of assistants.

Your role will require travel in France and internationally, depending on your assigned sector.



Ideally, you will have sales experience with an interest in new technologies.

  • A qualification in sales or electronics is required, resulting from two or three years of post-secondary education (e.g. diploma in sales engineering, customer relations or sales management). You will need proven experience in BtoB customer relations.
  • Experience in Northern European, Eastern European and/or Benelux markets is highly appreciated.
  • Experience in the security sector is appreciated.
  • You need to be bilingual in French/English with an open mind to work in varying professional contexts.
  • You need to be flexible, work independently and take initiative and responsibility in order to manage client accounts in full.
  • You will need excellent people skills and negotiating skills with a tenacious attitude and inquisitive mind to succeed in your tasks.


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