STid is the leading French manufacturer of instinctive, contactless security technology—serving the world’s most competitive businesses.

There’s no higher level of security available to protect your most valuable assets: your people, property and data.

Everything we create makes life easy for your users. And our open technologies free you to adopt any future solutions you choose.


Job description:

You will work in the Technical Division, specifically in R&D, and will be responsible for developments within our innovative product range, with a special focus on:

  • Numeric electronic systems (32 bits microcontroller architectures, example ARM Cortex)
  • IoT (RFID, Bluetooth Smart, UWB…)
  • Embedded softwares (C, C++, Keil, Mcuxpresso…)
  • Serial protocols and physical bus (RS485, USB…) and network bus (TCP-IP)

You will develop in compliance with all internal quality processes. You will participate to define test & qualification procedures.

You will participate actively in new product specifications.

You have a global overview and you are responsible of the complete industrialized product development (specifications, prototypes, development, qualification, industrialization, certifications).



You need to be a qualified electronic engineer with work experience or other significant experience in this field. Your specialization are “telecommunications” or “Electronic + Embedded software”

Knowledge of analogic electronic systems (RF architectures) would be a bonus.

You need to work well independently and will boost our product development capacity. Your ability to take initiative will be appreciated within our SME environment. Your excellent people skills will help you work on joint projects as part of a team.

You need to be organized and rigorous to ensure the quality and reliability of your work.

You need to be inquisitive and independently keep up to date with the latest software technologies.

Technical English is required.


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