Job description:

You will work in the Technical Division, specifically in R&D, and will be responsible for developments within our innovative product range, with a special focus on:

  • management software for our RFID readers, and the associated SDKs,
  • the appropriate in-house qualification and testing software.

Furthermore, you will develop specific, targeted projects to meet the needs of clients in industry (including the aerospace industry) or access control.

You will support your developments by drawing up software architecture documents and testing & qualification procedures.


Person specification:

You need to be a qualified computer engineer with work experience or other significant experience in this field. You will need the foundations required for computer development in a Windows environment and be fluent in C, C#.

Skills with DELPHI would be appreciated and knowledge of encryption would be a bonus.

You need to work well independently and will boost our computer development capacity. Your ability to take initiative will be appreciated within our SME environment. Your excellent people skills will help you work on joint projects as part of a team.

You need to be organized and rigorous to ensure the quality and reliability of your work.

You need to be inquisitive and independently keep up to date with the latest software technologies.

Technical English is required and everyday English or a desire to learn through training would be appreciated for quick contact with clients (support for sales representatives, at trade shows, etc.)


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