RFID Technologies for security and tracking solutions

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Research & Development


Our R&D team is built around engineering experts who specialise in the design and development of RFID products and solutions. We can find solutions for your contactless identification needs and meet the technological challenges related to the specific environment your business operates in.

Our experience as an RFID hardware manufacturer and our close relationship with key players in various industries make STid the partner you need to talk to about your specific contactless identification projects. We will offer your all our expertise in RFID solutions engineering and consultancy


Our industry-specific approach and total technological independence mean that we can offer the best contactless identification solutions to meet your specifications and operate effectively in your working environment. The key goal for us is to ensure optimum development for your project and maximum return on investment for you.


Human & technical resources



  • Software programming : Delphi, Windows CE, Visual
  • Microcontroller programming : DSP, ARM, …
  • Applied physics : antenna design, RF field control
  • Applied mathematics : cryptographic algorithms for authentication and confidentiality
  • Electronic design



  • Spectrum analyzer : 9kHz – 3.0 GHz
  • Network analyzer (vector) : 300kHz – 3.0 GHz
  • Logic analyzer : 68 channels / 500 MHz sampling freq.
  • Oscilloscope : - 4 channels / 1 GHz
  • Modeling and simulation software tool : 3D electromagnetic field simulation : Ansoft HFSS - 2D+ electronic board simulation : Ansoft Designer


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