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STid and Novadem win the 2017 Gold Security Trophy.

At the 12th edition of the Security Trophies, a panel of 23 experts awarded the Gold Trophy to the NX70 ID drone. 

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Posted by: stidadmin10

This flying security guard makes rounds and performs smart interventions as it remotely verifies the access rights of people around and near site premises. The NX70 ID features the latest technology, making it the first and the fastest flying security guard. Its STid Mobile ID® technology allows it to remotely check your access rights on your smartphone or Bluetooth® access card in real time.   With a range of several dozen meters, it can discreetly identify people automatically or on request for dissuasive purposes. This mobile access control reader can be integrated into your existing access control system and therefore check identifiers in your data base in real time.


The NX70 ID drone combines two types of French technology developed with the expertise of two trailblazers in their respective industries: Novadem, a renowned designer of drones for security professionals, and STid, which specializes in RFID contactless identification technologies. These outstanding French companies both received accolades at the 2016 Security Trophies and decided to pool their expertise to offer a highly innovative solution that combines flying technology and contactless identification. 

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