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Health Care




STid has worked in collaboration with health professionals to identify the key needs and expectations relating to contactless identification in healthcare. Relevant issues include security (access control, secure access to restricted areas etc.), drug identification and storage and medical waste management.


Applications include:


  • Identification of care staff (access control)
  • Geo-location of medical equipment and optimised management processes to cut costs by reducing equipment immobilisation times, monitoring inventories in real-time and managing maintenance needs
  • Identification of biological samples (cryotube identification)
  • Drug identification for optimised storage and safe treatment
  • Optimisation of the collection and processing of medical waste


The innovative "Healthcare" range of RFID readers and tags has been designed to offer smart functionalities for health safety, an improved quality of care and greater productivity.




Medical waste collection


STid has developed a range of UHF readers specially designed to be incorporated into medical waste collection containers for the company GAP Hygiène Santé. The overall objective was to optimise the full medical waste collection process by using an integrated approach. The specific goals of the project were to implement process improvements (communication, information, changes in logistics processes etc.), to facilitate compliance with regulations and to contribute to reducing the number of accidents and the quantity of waste lost.



Project for medical care infectious waste management


  • Experiment RFID in the Dasri containers collection chain from the producer (hospital, individuals..) to the incinerator.
  • Increase the traceability from 30% estimated today to more than 80%
  • Track and destroy the waste that are out of the collection chain, reduce the accidents and the impact on environment
  • Improve the application of the applicable law.
  • Introduction of the RFID technology to secure the waste collection chain


More information about PAC Id DASRI project, click here.




Compliant with CPS3


STid has designed a range of readers, compatible with CPS3 cards (National healthcare professional ID Card – IAS protocol) These readers are compliant with multiple standards ISO14443A and B, ISO18092. They support simultaneously the NXP Mifare chips: Ultralight, Classic (1ko, 4ko), Ultralight C, Mifare Plus (S and X, 2ko and 4ko), DESFire and DESFire EV1 and NFC transactions. With this multiple standard reading capacity, this range of readers is ready to answer cases of building extension, security evolution or migration, in simplicity. More information about the STid CPS3 reader range, click here.



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