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Food industry




The agri-food industry is one of the leading industries in which RFID is used for product identification and tracking.


STid designs and sells products specifically tailored to the requirements of companies in this industry: safety issues, technical constraints, regulations, material compatibility, etc.



The issues around product identification and tracking are clear:





In today's global markets, governments and the European Union are increasingly focusing on effective methods for traceability throughout the agri-food sector.

ince 1992, the European Community has issued a series of regulations applicable throughout its member states, requiring companies working in the agri-food sector to implement traceability processes to ensure food safety for consumers.

  • Introduced in 1992, Directive 92/59/EEC of 29 June 1992 on general product safety obliges producers and distributors to ensure that all products placed on the market are safe. The regulations of Directive 92/59/EEC imply that a good system of traceability is required.
  • In 2002 Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 was introduced, laying down the General Principles and requirements of Food Law. The aim of the General Food Law Regulation is to standardise food legislation across the EU. Article 18 of this regulation, which applies to all companies in the agri-food industry, introduces a general obligation of traceability. From the producer right through to the consumer, all parties involved in food production, processing and distribution must have systems and procedures allowing information on production to be made available to the competent authorities.


STid RFID products are useful for obtaining the relevant ISO standards (ISO 22000, ISO 22002, ISO 22004, ISO 22005), all of which apply to the traceability of food products.


Safety is key in the agri-food industry


The use of RFID in product tracking applications offers advantages above and beyond enabling compliance with legislative requirements on traceability. RFID is beneficial for your product monitoring processes, allowing important information to be logged on issues of traceability and safety. Gain the trust of your clients and product consumers by informing them of your new product tracking process!


Boost your productivity


STid equipment can be used to implement an automatic tray and pallet identification system in order to optimise your processes and automate your monitoring operations. You will achieve a high level of safety and comfort in traceability processes, leading to a significant productivity gain, in particular in:

  • Preparing, shipping and taking delivery of trays, rolls and pallets
  • Inventory management and optimisation: stock-taking and locating items
  • Collecting product information


STid solutions



STid has developed a full range of standard or specific products for the food industry: food-grade tags, high-resistance readers (washing, temperature etc.), high-performance environmentally-resistant readers, etc.


STid is the RFID partner for agri-food traceability solutions providers







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