RFID Technologies for security and tracking solutions

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Changes in transportation and logistics strategies have led to developments in contactless applications using RFID in this industry. In particular, logistics service providers are seeking to enhance customer satisfaction by quicker deliveries and high level of services. The industry is moving increasingly towards decentralised hubs, with a greater role for secondary structures, and is also looking to cut warehousing costs.


Integrating STid contactless technologies into your logistics and transport applications will offer genuine benefits and competitive advantages:

  • Faster logistics flows,
  • Optimised inventory turnover,
  • Improved package and pallet identification and tracking processes,
  • Improved lead-times and quicker turnaround through automation,
  • Reduced overall equipment operating costs (optimised route planning, compliant deliveries within quicker times).


The key issue in logistics is to achieve high levels of service quality alongside low operating costs. STid has developed an industrial range of RFID readers and tags enabling you to benefit from the latest electronics technologies - for improved reader performance (distance and speed) at the most competitive prices!


STid offers solutions for goods-in and goods-out processes, internal goods flows, inventory management and deliveries.



RFID Logistic application : DAHER



DAHER is a main player in the logistic industry

The aim of the project is develop an RFID solution for automatic identification of items and pallets, in compliance with the technical requirements of the company. The project successfully reduced operating costs, in line with expectations of the industry.

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Diagram of steps in a logistic project


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