RFID Technologies for security and tracking solutions

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Whatever the size of your company, vulnerability with regard to the security of confidential data and information is a key issue to be taken into account in selecting your access control equipment. STid will work with you to identify your needs and select a reader and tag combination using the most appropriate technology. Our catalogue is sure to contain a solution to meet your security needs, from simple or advanced access control to multifunction and/or high security applications.


Security for your business...


As Security Officer, you are responsible for protecting staff and visitors to your company, as well as ensuring the security of your data and equipment etc. You know these issues inside out, which is why you are aware of the importance of a reliable and efficient access control system. Your access control system protects you from risks of accidents, theft and fraud. Immediate access to information is an important aspect of premises security. It is vital to have real-time details on staff and visitors who access your building (Who? Where? When? How?)


... and much more!


An access control system based on RFID technology is not only useful for access control applications. The range of STid readers and tags can be used to meet a wide spectrum of needs requiring personal authentication for various applications within your company: cashless payments, e-money applications, cash/vending machines, time management etc.



STid offers a full range of contactless identification equipment that can meet the needs of smallest business and the security and functional requirements of multinationals.


Contact us now to find out about our innovative contactless identification solutions.

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