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STid has developed a range of innovative products to meet the specific needs and technical requirements of the aeronautical industry. These requirements include resistance to extreme temperature variations and mechanical specifications related to harsh operating environments etc.


STid offers solutions for contactless identification of aeronautical parts to ensure optimum traceability and inventory management. Each aircraft component can be identified, tracked and can contain a range of information using RFID technology (identification, history, maintenance, characteristics, etc.) to ensure a high level of safety and traceability in line with the standards applicable to the aeronautical industry.

Configuration Management, Airworthiness follow up (concept "all on board")


Project objectives:

  • Adapt the RFID technology to the aerospace industry (tags & readers)
  • Tagging of mechanic and electronic elements in a chopper
  • Develop new concepts and outputs for RFID
  • Improve quality and reliability of the RFID


STid is in charge of the passive RFID work package, including the following developments :

1.   Passive tag: Design of passive tags adapted to the aerospace environment and to the parts to identify

  • Modeling, design, characterization
  • Chip micro packaging optimization
  • Tag packaging compliant with aeronautic constraints : Environment, EMC
2.   Reader: Design of RFID readers adapted to the aerospace environment
  • Compliance with all RFID regulations worldwide
  • Reader packaging compliant with aeronautic constraints : Environment, EMC
  • Secured layer for onboard RFid communication networks




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