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SSCP partners



SSCP partners


Alcea (France)

Founded in 1995, Alcea is a French designer and manufacturer of security and supervision systems for buildings: access control, intrusion, videosurveillance, key management and technical management. From hypervision software to multifunction badges, Alcea designs open, modular and integrated soft and hardware solutions to manage all issues concerning security and supervision for building. From France and Qatar, Alcea solutions are installed and distributed in over 15 countries worldwide. Alcea works with government and service, as the Council of the European Union and the T1 Tower (Paris-La Défense), and also operates in the sectors of transport, telecommunications or culture: Air France, SNCF, SFR, France Televisions. Alcea provides support and operational added value at every stage: from the research and design to the final installation of your security system, and beyond.

More information: http://www.alcea.fr



Elsylog (France)

The Elsylog company that got 35 years of strong expertise is acting on the French market and on North African territories as a French manufacturer and designer of hardware software dedicated to the electronic security (Access control for Residents and Visitors, detection of Intrusion/Intruders, Time management, …). Elsylog offers to fitters, integrators and end customers a full range of card readers (form simple card readers to displayed and keyboarded card readers), interfaced with all card technologies present on the market. Moreover, its experience allowed Elsylog to develop a true proficiency in highly secured card readers technologies as MIFARE/DESFIRE, with securely encrypted identifier, pictures and biometric ID… With STid as partner, Elsylog is currently able to offer to your projects a fully encrypted solution, from the card to the server, in accordance with ANSSI regulations requirements.

More information: http://www.elsylog.com



Synchronic (France)

Synchronic has been specialized in electronic security solutions since 1988 (access control, alarm, intrusion, bank protection, supervision, building automation, CCTV…). Synchronic solutions are compatible with every site that needs a protection of properties and people, like banks, administrations, industrial sites and business centers. Synchronic solutions are provided to qualified installers, « large accounts » and banks.

More information: http://www.synchronic.fr


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