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Logo BeweisBeweis (France)

Beweis is specialized in products and solutions for secured traceability, based on RFID technology. Our solutions are mainly deployed for the following applications: weapons & military equipment traceability, document tracking, anti-counterfeiting, security and quality controls of manufacturing processes in nuclear industry.

More information: http://beweisrfid.fr/



IGSI (France)

IGSI is a service company (S.S.I.I.) specialized in IT infrastructure, management & communication. We are provider of business solutions in the field of SAGE CRM. IGSI is a SAGE expert competence center and beta tester. Our main customers are SME with 10 to 300 employees and multinational companies.

More information: http://www.igsi.fr



INFOS (France)

Since most 25-year-old info anticipates the increasing need for technological innovations in all main sectors of the mobility professional and general public around technologies such as the bar code, RFID and voice recognition, in responding to economic by the talent, the multidisciplinary know-how issues and multi-sectoral teams experiences. The design of new services in the optimization of information systems and associated business processes, info offers a unique approach to the heart of innovative solutions, business expertise, new technologies and methods of engagement suited. Info supports its clients in their efforts, for their critical projects with excellence with its top engineers, our trades.

More information: http://www.infosfrance.fr



INTEGRA Solution (France)

Expert in the integration of RFID solutions for harsh environments! INTEGRA Solution is a global asset tracking and management solution integrator based on contactless identification technologies (RFID). Specialized in harsh environments, we operate in different industries to provide hardware and software solutions for your asset visibility applications: identification, tracking, inventories, control, MRO...

More information: http://integra-solution.com



NEXESS (France)

Nexess provides solution for traceability and identification by RFID Technology for the manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance and operation in the areas of Energy, Oil & Gas and Aerospace Industries. NEXESS has designed and developed a complete range of smart RFID infrastructures connected to a software platform.

More information: http://nexess-solutions.com



Twiister Systems (France)

Twiister Systems is a company specialized in the design and integration of traceability and data mobility solution. We work around new technologies such as RFID to systematically offer value-added solutions to our customers.

More information: http://www.twiister-systems.com


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